Paidit Privacy Policy
Last Updated on 20/01, 2017
This Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Terms of Use, found at
We, at Paidit Digital Payment Solutions Ltd. (the "Company", "we" "us", "our", or any variation
thereof), treasure our own privacy, and that is why we made tremendous efforts to create a platform
that would comply with the highest levels of privacy standards. This Privacy Policy describes our
policy on the collection, use and disclosure of information about our Paidit platform, including any
related content, features, pages, etc. (collectively: the "Platform"). We strongly encourage you to
read this Privacy Policy and make sure you fully understand and agree to it, prior to your access or
use of the Platform and/or any of its features. If you do not fully understand or agree to this Privacy
Policy, you must immediately delete the Platform downloaded to your device (including the
Account created by you in connection with the Platform), cease any use thereof, and/or otherwise
close your browsing window (in the event that you have logged in via web-based interface).
Capitalized terms used though not defined herein shall have the definition ascribed to them in the
Terms of Use.
When you use the Platform, you explicitly consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your
information as described in this Privacy Policy, as well as to Cookies being stored and set and
information being accessed on your equipment, while accessing and/or otherwise using the
Platform (if applicable).
This Privacy Policy explains what information of yours will be collected by us and stored on our
servers when you make use of the Platform and how the information will be used.
However, we can assure you that we will not use or share your information with anyone except as
described in this privacy policy and/or our terms of use.
If you suspect that the information associated with your account is not accurate or complete, then
you must make all necessary changes in order to correct it.
Changes and Updates of this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time at our sole discretion, and therefore you are
required to periodically check back for the most updated form of this Privacy Policy. Your use of
the Platform after this Privacy Policy has been updated shall be deemed as your continued
acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy, as updated and revised from time to time.
How Do We Collect Your Information?
We operate various channels in order to collect information. We may, for example, use the
following channels and means to collect your information:
When connecting to us through 3
party login services, such as Facebook Connect, Google
+ Connect, etc. ("3
Party Login Services"), your device and/or any associated 3
Application Programming Interface (API) through which the Platform is accessed.
When creating a user account, contacting customer support or making a purchase through
the Platform, we may collect certain content provided through such actions, including
monetary information.
When posting on any online community, forum or any other page established by us or on
our behalf in connection with the use of the Platform, we may collect and analyze all
content provided or otherwise uploaded by our users, and such content will not be subject
to any privacy expectations by its lawful contributor.
When transmitting and/or otherwise making available any content with the use of the
Platform (for example, in the process of your account registration or updates, filling forms
or submitting inquiries).
Based on the settings of your device, you may be sharing with us your location,
photographs and contacts.
We may use certain 3
party components or services to improve the performance and
experience for our users (the "3
Party Components"). The 3
Party Components may
monitor your general use of the Platform and your browsing route taken before using the
You understand that the manner in which we collect your information might defer on the basis of
the device you use to access or otherwise use the Platform or any related content or features.
Please note that while in general you are not obligated to actively provide any information, some
information may be essential in order to use the Platform.
What Information Do We Collect?
Personal Information
We may collect and store information that you explicitly provide or enable us to access, which
identifies or relates to you personally, such as your name, profile picture, photographs, unique user
account ID, your financial and billing information, contact information, email address, etc. (the
"Personal Information").
Please note however, that any Personal Information which you choose to make publically available,
whether on forums, groups or otherwise, will not be deemed, to the extent permitted by applicable
law, as subject to your expectation of privacy or deemed as personal, and may be treated
accordingly by us.
Non-Personal Information
We collect and aggregate non-identifying information regarding your use of the Platform and its
features, including, for example, the type, model, ID and location of the device through which the
Platform is accessed, services that interested you or which you have utilized, the type of operating
system and browser you are using and its settings, your IP (Internet Protocol) and/or MAC (Media
Access Account) address, gender, location, groups you are a member of, fields of interests,
consummation habits, information about your transactions via the Platform, the URL you have
come from and the time spent at that URL, number of clicks, content of Cookies set by us (as further
detailed below) and your domain type and server, your purchase sessions, any content posted by
you on public forums or communities associated with the Platform, or otherwise ("Non-Personal
Aggregated Information
Non-Personal Information collected can also become Personal Information if and when aggregated
by us to a scope which identifies you personally.
Please note however, that generally Non-Personal Information is aggregated separately for each
specific IP or device ID. That said, the ID of your device does not contain any information regarding
your identity and the same applies to IP addresses which, while identifying a device connected to
the Internet and its general location, are in themselves anonymous and contain no information
regarding the identity of the ultimate person using the device such identity should be known
solely to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Moreover, IP addresses assigned by ISPs are generally (although not always) dynamic and subject
to frequent changes static IP addresses are generally assigned only at subscriber's specific request
and frequently require an additional fee. We assume that the IP of your device is dynamic, unless
we have a reason to believe otherwise.
How Is Collected Information Used?
Personal Information
Personal Information shall be used in order to facilitate, customize and improve the use of the
Platform, process your inquiries and respond to your requests, or as explicitly mentioned herein. In
addition, some of your Personal Information is essential for completing your requests via the
As said, we do not collect any Personal Information from you or related to you without your
approval, which is obtained, inter alia, through your active acceptance of this Privacy Policy and
the Terms of Use.
We may share some or all of your Personal Information with our subsidiaries, joint ventures or
other trusted affiliates that we have or may have in the future, provided that such parties undertake
to protect your privacy in a manner no less stringent than as set forth herein, and for the purpose of
providing us with certain services related to the Platform (such as improvement, development, data
processing and analysis, etc.).
We may also disclose your Personal Information in the following cases:
As required to do so as part of any legal proceedings conducted in connection with the
In order to inquire, investigate, prevent, stop or halt any alleged misuse of the Platform, or
to impose any sanction thereof.
As required to do so by court order, decree, or applicable law.
In case the entire activity of the Platform is transferred to a third party, providing such party
undertakes to protect your privacy in accordance with these terms.
Non-Personal Information
Non-Personal Information shall be used by us or the permitted entities prescribed above to improve,
modify, cancel, enrich or adjust the Platform, and ensure the adequate operation thereof. We also
use Non-Personal information in order to analyze market and users' trends, and further provide you,
or enable other third party content providers to provide you with certain promotional content.
We reserve the right to use and disclose Non-Personal Information to third parties, including, for
example, potential and actual business partners, affiliates and consultants, for industry analysis,
marketing, advertising, and other business purposes at our sole discretion.
Why Do We Collect Such Information?
We collect such Personal Information and Non-Personal Information for the following purposes:
1. In order to provide, improve, customize and operate the Platform, and further improve and
customize it, based on your (and others) preferences and experiences.
2. In order to be able to provide our users with ongoing, developing customer assistance and
technical support.
3. In order to create statistical data, behavioral models and trends, which we or our business
partners may use to provide and improve the use of the Platform.
4. In order to remain in compliance with and applicable law or regulations.
5. In order to investigate, prevent or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected
fraudulent behavior, potential threats or any other violations of our Terms of Use and
Privacy Policy.
6. In order to offer you in-Platform promotional content based on your preferences based on
the analysis of the information we collect, provided that no Personal Information shall be
made available by us to third parties offering such content to you, without your prior
7. As otherwise stated under this Privacy Policy.
How Do We Keep Your Personal Information Secure?
We do so by following fine industry standards on information security management to secure
sensitive information such as financial information and Personal Information entrusted to us.
Promotional Content and Notifications
As stated under this Privacy Policy, we may, or allow others to provide you with certain
promotional content, and/or otherwise inform you of new features, updates or any other information
which we feel could be relevant to you. If you want to stop receiving promotional content by
electronic mail, click on the "unsubscribe" link in any promotional email received. Please note that
once we receive your request to opt-out, your change will be processed promptly, and no longer
than ten business days.
If you do not wish to receive any in-Platform notifications, kindly uninstall the platform and
terminate your account.
When you install our Platform on your mobile we may send you push notifications. If you no longer
wish to receive push notifications from our mobile applications, you may opt-out by logging into
the application and changing push notifications.
The Platform may include a feature which will enable you to invite your friends to become users
of the Platform (the "Friends Finder"). The Friends Finder feature may request access to your
contact list, or may otherwise gain access to your friends list stored in connection with the 3
Login Service and/or any other similar services (such as Facebook, Google+, etc.). By inviting a
friend via the Friends Finder feature will cause the Platform to send an email to such friend,
containing an invitation to download and/or otherwise join the Platform and its community. You
are obliged to refrain from any misuse of the Friends Finder feature in any manner which may be
illegal and/or otherwise in contrary with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of
What are Cookies?
Cookies are small data files downloaded and stored on user’s device while browsing a website,
often used to keep record of actions taken on such website or track related browsing activity.
For additional information regarding Cookies and the way to control them, please check out the
Help file of your browser or visit
Our use of Cookies
We may use Cookies in order to ensure proper operation, collect Non-Personal Information, verify
information, tailor the Platform to your specific preferences and ensure information security.
Additionally, we may use third-party content companies in order to present content through the
Platform. Such parties may use Cookies placed on your device (as well as web beacons and other
similar technologies) in order to adjust or track the content presented through the Platform.
Regarding use of Cookies by third-party content companies, please note that such use is subject to
the privacy policy of said parties and is not subject to this Privacy Policy (for example, regarding
advertisements served by Google, see
Information Security
Note that although we take great measures to secure the information and reduce the risk of
unwanted disclosure, we cannot guarantee the information will not be exposed as a result of
unauthorized penetration to our servers.
We use commercially reasonable physical, managerial and technical safeguards to preserve the
integrity and security of your Personal Information. We cannot, however, ensure the security of
any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk.
If you have any questions about this Policy, or if you feel your privacy has been violated, please
contact us at
California Privacy Rights
California law permits residents of California to request certain details about what Personal
Information a company shares with third parties for the third parties' direct marketing purposes.
We do not share your Personal Information with third parties for the third parties’ own and
independent direct marketing purposes unless we receive your permission.
The California Law permits you to request information regarding the disclosure of your Personal
Information by us to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes. To make such a
request, please write us at:
Sale, Merger or Acquisition
In the event we undergo a business transition or transaction such as acquisition, merger or sale of
some or all of our assets, we may disclose or transfer all of your information including Personal
Information, to the successor party of such transition.
Account Termination; Updating Your Information
You can access, view, change, update or delete the information appearing in your account, by
accessing it through the "Settings" feature in the Platform. However, certain information might still
be kept in our backup facilities and/or systems.
If you would like us to delete your records completely, you may ask us to do so, and we will use
reasonable efforts to delete such information. However, note that we might not delete such
information immediately from our systems. Also, we retain the right to continue and make use of
your Non-Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
Please note that deleting your account we will remove your account from view. However, the
Company may keep information about you that is on our system following your termination, to the
extent permitted under applicable law and this Privacy Policy.
We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve
disputes, and enforce our agreements. Also, please note that if you have created an account via the
use of 3
Party Login Services, you might be required to take other and/or additional actions under
the platforms of such 3
parties in order to ensure the complete deletion of your user account.
Governing law and jurisdiction
This Privacy Policy shall be construed and governed by the laws of the State of Israel. Any dispute
arising from the terms of this Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
competent courts in the District of Tel Aviv, Israel.
Contact Us
Please contact us at for any question concerting your privacy or any violation
thereof. Please also use the above contact information details if you wish to opt-out of certain
services and offers described under this Privacy Policy.